Kfilm will be not developed anymore.
We will put the work now into Kdenlive

so you will find now more updates here
please test or help us in Kdenlive thx

KFilm is easy to use non-linear video editor for KDE. The application is still in early stages of development.

To install KFilm you need:
  • Kfilm
  • Kde (>=3.3.2)
  • libsamplerate(for Audioresampling)
  • libsdl (for Video Preview)
  • ffmpeg (reading and writing the Files)
  • Arts/Oss/Alsa (to play a Preview of the Film)

    Features planed:

  • Audiomixing (works in cvs version first)
  • AudioFilter
  • support for all Audio Formats and converting from all to others(5.1 ...)
  • Video Filters
  • Videotransitions (works)
  • easy Pluginsystem for all kind of plugins (works)
  • Capture from DV-Cam or other Video/Audio-source

    if someone can help me please write me

  • c++ developer
  • packager (rpm and deb)
  • testers
  • pluginwriter ;)